Monday, November 02, 2009

cmd-key-happy -- swap cmd and alt keys in

Swap cmd and alt (or command and option) keys in Mac OS X using cmd-key-happy

This program allows you to swap the command and alt (or option) keys in any application, but in particular This can be extremely handy when ssh'ing into other UN*X boxes and running "emacs -nw". It also allows you to have the traditional readline navigation work properly when using Bash (i.e., alt-backspace, alt-f, alt-b, etc).

The decision to swap the keys is based on a customizable script (Lua) and this also allows you to exclude certain key combinations per application. For example, "cmd-tab" is an exclusion in my Lua script regardless of which application is running; I still want this key combination to cycle the active set of applications.

The motivation for this program was the many years of hitting alt-<something> in Linux only to find that it does not generate the same behaviour in Having the ability to run "emacs -nw" from within is now useable!